Mixed-Media For Medical

Serving San Diego and Orange Counties

Now days it seems, everyone uses a computer or smart phone for everything. Fill your your practice with an indepth photographic tour, that shows more than just an empty waiting room. Our images have outstanding depth, incredible detail, and natural vibrancy.

5K UHD Photography

Our ability to use a combination of multi-dimensional flash, mixed with available lighting clearly separates us from the competition. Our photography services are designed and priced for Residential and Commercial Real Estate Professionals.

3D-Virtual Tours

3D-Virtual Tours (Matterport®) are the most engaging way to keep customers surfing through the many features of your property. They are interactive, informative, descriptive, and have a sharable viewing platform, allowing any property to be open 24/7.

360º Virtual Tours

360º Virtual Tours are the most cost efficient way there is to inform, engage and keep customers viewing your property. Our 360º tours have a sharable viewing platform, allowing any property to be open 24/7.

Real-Time Video Tour

Video is the #1 most viewed media on the planet. Our video tours incorporate classic camera moves, synced to an entertaining music bed, that make for an interesting, attention grabbing property tour. Facts are, properties with video receive 400% more views than properties without.


Virtual Staging

Staging a property virtual certainly takes less time than traditional staging, and that's not the only benefit. As you will save thousands. All while offering potential buyers an idea of what the space's have to offer, all from the comfort of their viewing device.


Property Websites

This ultimate delivery platform provides better branding, information, photos, videos, virtual tours, floor-plans, than the REALTOR® MLS ever could. Websites are provided at "No-Cost" with any service over $250. ($50 value)


Promotional Videos

Are you telling others about your accomplishments, and your value propositions. Are you are offering to help in ways that benefit your clients. Self-promotion is not just about you, it’s about you, your team, and your organization.

One look and you'll see the difference

Over the last 38 years, we've photographed just about every property type imaginable. Our images have incrediable highlite and shadow details, outstanding depth, and a realistic natural vibrancy. It's our passion to create beautiful, images that mimic that of the human eye.


Priced From $200 | 24 Hour Turnaround | Sharable Image Gallery | Full-Frame 5K Images | CDC Compliant


involving the imagination or original ideas, in the production of an artistic work.


done or occurring at a favorable or useful time; opportune.


acting or compleated in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate.

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