Can I sell my property without mutation?

What happens if a mutation of property is not done?

In case of Agricultural lands, mutation is must. Without mutation the land title will not pass to the new owner. … In case of non-agricultural lands, failure to mutate does not take away your right in the sale deed. That is even though the mutation has not done, the purchaser’s title will not be affected.

Is mutation of property necessary?

If a person performs mutation of his/her property, the new owner gets to record the property on his/her own name and the government and the land revenue department is then able to charge property tax from the lawful owner. Hence, mutation of property is required for government records if you are buying any property.

What is the time limit to get mutation done?

(1) The time limit for disposal of mutation cases, in which no objection has been received, in a regular mutation Court, shall be twenty-one (21) working days from the date of receipt of the mutation petition, eighteen (18) working days for passing the order and three (03) working days to issue the correction slip.

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Can we sell land without Patta?

If all the other documents are in your name, including the sale deed, individual patta in your name is absolutely not necessary. However, your name should find a place in the joint patta in respect of that survey No., for the purpose of registration of the proposed sale deed.

What is the difference between registration and mutation?

Registration, essentially, is the process of getting the title of ownership of land legally transferred in the name of the buyer. Mutation, on the other hand, is what follows the process of registration. Getting a land mutated means that the registration has been duly recorded in the revenue records.

How do you challenge a mutation entry?

Any party aggrieved by an order of mutation may file an appeal before the Additional Collector (the Deputy Commissioner concerned) within 30 days of the order. In case of death, a copy of Will or succession certificate is also required to ensure that there is no malpractice in mutation cases.

What should you do if a mutation is rejected?

Any party aggrieved by an order of mutation can file an appeal before the Additional Collector (or the Deputy Commissioner) concerned within 30 days of the order.

How important is mutation?

The ultimate source of all genetic variation is mutation. Mutation is important as the first step of evolution because it creates a new DNA sequence for a particular gene, creating a new allele. Recombination also can create a new DNA sequence (a new allele) for a specific gene through intragenic recombination.

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Can a sale deed be challenged?

Sale deed can be challenged only if there are sound legal grounds. If it has been executed by fraud, co ertion etc it can be challenged but one need to prove to the court the grounds on which it is challenged.

Can mutation be Cancelled?

Answer ( 1 ) You can cancel the mutation of property by visiting the local municipality of your city. You will have to fill an application form and submit it to the municipal authority mentioning the reason. Date of transaction made on the property.

How do you check for mutations?

Online Mutation application Status view and Duplicate Receipt…

  1. select your circle name on map.
  2. select year as 2018-2019 as current year.
  3. click on ‘All’ if you do not have case number or ther information.
  4. click on search.
  5. click on view button to view your matching record.