Frequent question: Does Noel sell the property?

Does Noel sell the house?

Unfortunately, Noel hasn’t been as lucky as his fellow Million Dollar Beach House cast members. That’s probably because *spoiler alert* the $35million listing didn’t end up being sold. He’s made $118,688 in commission during the show, from just one property – a $9.4million house.

What happened to Noel on Million Dollar Beach House?

Presumably, Noel is still working and spending time with family, although he doesn’t get to see his brother Joel as often as he would like. With over a decade in the business, working with affluent clientele, the daily grind seems to be where he feels most comfortable.

Did any of the houses sell on Million Dollar Beach House?

A Southampton mansion featured in Episode Six in the 2020 season of “Million Dollar Beach House” on Netflix, originally listed at $5.9 million, has sold in a bidding war for $7.4 million, according to Peggy Zabakolas, a licensed associate real estate broker with Nest Seekers International, which represented the sale.

Why is Peggy so annoying Million Dollar Beach House?

Instead of sharing their Labor Day fans, they shared their thoughts on Season 1 of Million Dollar Beach House. Most of her followers called her out for her casual racism. Others didn’t like her “bullying” attitude. “You’re very much unprofessional and so much drama you definitely ruined the show,” one fan wrote.

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Is Million Dollar Beach House Fake?

From interviews with Zabakolas, it seems that some of the filming was almost too real. Asked by Oprah Mag how real the drama was, she said: “Oh, a hundred percent. Everything was very authentic.”

Is Jimmy the boss on Million Dollar Beach House?

Jimmy heads up the Hamptons office which is in Million Dollar Beach House. If you’re wondering why James ‘Jimmy’ Giugliano seems to stay out of all the agent’s drama, that’s because he is the boss of the Hamptons Nest Seekers office. JB, Michael, Noel and Peggy all work under him day to day.

Who is Peggy on Million Dollar Beach House?

Panagiota Zabakolas aka Peggy Z has been “killing the New York real estate market” for seven years. Peggy’s Nest Seekers International bio reads that she was born in Queens and raised on Long Island.

How much is Peggy from Nest Seekers worth?

According to, Peggy is worth $3 million.