Is Belgium a good country to invest in real estate?

Which country is best for real estate investments?

Best Countries to Invest in Real Estate in 2021

  • Poland. Poland is an Eastern European country. …
  • Germany. At number 19 is Germany with a GDP per capita of $45,733 in the year 2020. …
  • Denmark. …
  • Russia. …
  • United Kingdom. …
  • Canada. …
  • Austria. …
  • Slovakia.

Is Belgium a good country to invest in?

Thanks to its strategic location in Europe and plenty of socio-economic assets, Belgium is a prime country to invest in. High-quality Belgian beers, food and diamonds are enjoyed and appreciated worldwide.

Can a foreigner buy property in Belgium?

Can expats buy property in Belgium? There are no restrictions to stop foreigners buying property in Belgium or taking out a Belgian mortgage, even if they are non-resident. … You can read about Belgium’s visas for foreigners, as well as applicable Belgian taxes.

Why do investors choose Belgium?

Belgium is a good place for starting up or investing in business. It has no trade restrictions, good connections to the rest of Europe, a thriving entrepreneurial environment, and more than 500 million consumers within a radius of 800km.

Why are taxes so high in Belgium?

Belgium puts its tax dollars to work by financing robust health care, education and social security programs, said Huyghe. Many students go to university without having to make any significant payments, he said.

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How can I invest in Belgian citizenship?

Golden Visa Belgium Residence Program

Successful applicants can gain permanent residence and citizenship after five years. Typical investment throughout the five year period is €350,000 – €500,000. To gain citizenship by investment in Belgium investors must pass a language test in either Dutch, German or French.

How can I save tax in Belgium?

pension saving (1361/1362), you can pay up to €980 per year to a pension savings fund or insurance, that can give you a tax saving of 30% or €294 ; you can opt for a 25% tax saving with a maximum of €1,260, the saving is €315.0.

Are houses cheap in Belgium?

The Belgian median price for an attached or semi-detached house amounted to 195,000 euros in the first semester of 2018. … The Walloon Region is the cheapest with a median price of 137,000 euros for an attached or semi-detached house, and 230,000 euros for a detached house.

What is good salary in Belgium?

Average salary in Belgium

According to data from the Average Salary Survey website, the average gross salary in Belgium is €61,357 a year. This is €37,923 after taxes. High paying jobs include the following: Company director: €129,150.