What does AP mean in real estate?

What is an AP email?

Accounts payable (A/P or AP), or trade payables, is money owed to others for products or services the company has purchased on credit. Accounts payable is a current liability since these debts are paid off in less than a year.

What does AP stand for in lol?

(AP) is a stat that boosts the effects of some items, abilities, and runes. Those effects receive a bonus proportional to the ability power of the champion.

What does AP stand for in Wi-Fi?

An access point is a device that creates a wireless local area network, or WLAN, usually in an office or large building. An access point connects to a wired router, switch, or hub via an Ethernet cable, and projects a Wi-Fi signal to a designated area.

What does AP stand for in relationships?

AP — Affair Partner. Or lover, as I like to think of it, a more romantic and idealized view of a transactional arrangement.

Is accounts payable a debit or credit?

In finance and accounting, accounts payable can serve as either a credit or a debit. Because accounts payable is a liability account, it should have a credit balance. The credit balance indicates the amount that a company owes to its vendors.

What does AP stand for in slang?

Summary of Key Points. “Associated Press” is the most common definition for AP on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. AP. Definition: Associated Press.

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