You asked: Did Tracey sell the 75 million dollar house?

Does the 75 million dollar house sell?

But I’m happy to report that one thing hasn’t changed, and likely won’t ever change, and that’s the glorious news that Davina Potratz still hasn’t sold her $75 million mansion as the listing is still available on the Oppenheim site.

Who is Scott Gillen wife?

Scott Gillen is an American designer, builder, commercial director, and a former stunt driver. He is best known for appearing in Bravo TV’s reality series “Million Dollar Listings Los Angeles”.

Scott Gillen Net Worth: How Rich is Scott Gillen Actually in 2021?

Full Name Scott Gillen
Wife Teri
Net Worth $50 million

Who bought the $40 million dollar house?

Celebrity Real Estate

Ellen DeGeneres Just Bought The Best House In Los Angeles For $40 Million!

Is Davina’s 75 million listing sold?

Yep, after all this time, Davina Potratz still hasn’t sold that now infamous $75 million mansion. … Yet despite leaving the company, Mary has explained that Davina is still thought to be featuring in season four. “Netflix said that she’s still going to be a cast member.

Who bought David Gebbia house?

‘Million Dollar Listing’: Josh Altman sells David Gebbia’s Gothic-style home for $14M, fans call it ‘hideous’

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